"HEAVEN is an unfolding book. Since Azoikum's time, when life has not yet appeared, the heavens have recorded all the incidents on the Earth, "writes Andrea Hirata in the novel Laskar Pelangi that I have ever read.

That morning, when set foot at the airport HAS Hanandjoeddin in Tanjung Pandan, Belitung, I feel grateful. In the end, I have not only known Belitung from the novel Laskar Pelangi, but also visited directly to where Andrea Hirata spent his childhood.

The journey from Soekarno-Hatta airport to the airport HAS Hanandjoeddin only takes 45 minutes. Flying in the morning to be an option for me, husband and children can immediately enjoy the holiday by going around Belitung.

When we arrived, the vehicle from the hotel where we were staying was waiting at the airport. The vehicle is a facility of the hotel provided free of charge. Before deciding to depart for Belitung, I am looking for an accommodation that provides shuttle service from and to the airport.

In the days before departing, I have also booked a transport service to drive us through the nickname of the World Tourism Park. Not up to an hour, we arrived at the hotel. After straightening the leg for a moment, exploring Belitung's beauty began. Now, here are 5 kece tourism objects visited in Belitung.

1. Kaolin Lake

Originally, the lake in Tanjung Pandan is a former kaolin mining area. In an eye view, the water of Lake Kaolin on the day is Tosca Green. In fact, the water in the lake usually looks blue.

Nature seems to signal. The lake water on the surface drops to depth. Instead, the lake water in depth rises to the surface. That is the gesture given by the green colour of the water in the crater-owned lake.

The Tosca green on the water surface precisely makes Kaolin lake increasingly when it is captured in the photograph. Blending with white land, the photo is really Instagramable. A bit of advice, Diva Traveler should not pose too far from the lakeside.

2. Tanjung Tinggi Beach

The distance from Tanjung Pandan to Tanjung Tinggi Beach is more than 30 kilometers. It took about 45-60 minutes if Diva Traveler departs from the airport. I went to the beach that was one of the background of Laskar Pelangi movie using motor.

Fun, because the air along the road remained cool even though the trip was done during the day. Light breeze is felt in the face. It seemed to accompany my trip. Oil palm trees thrived there. Its green Dedaunannya really cool the eyes. Similarly, the expanse of brown soil and the green of the grass.

It feels, too dear if a vacation to Belitung, but do not visit this beach. Many activities can be done there. Swimming, snorkelling to ride a jetski. Before heading to Tanjung Tinggi Beach, Diva Traveler should make sure the vehicle is in prime condition. Because, the workshops and patchwork tires are rare there.

3. Tanjung Kelayang Beach and Tanjung Pendam

Both adjacent to Tanjung Tinggi Beach. The road to Tanjung Kelayang Beach and Tanjung Pendam is smooth. Along the way, I occasionally found durian sellers. Diva Traveler can enjoy the fruit on the spot or take it home.

The exoticism of Tanjung Kelayang and Tanjung Pendam was felt at dusk. Especially when looking at the solar start to go to the contest. The original sunlight fluorescent was orange on the surface of the calm seawater slowly. Then it is dark, and it starts to be replaced by a moonlight glow. What a shahdu.

However, for lovers of sunbathing, daylight is the perfect time for sunbathing. After sunbathing a few hours, the heat of the beach sun light is enough to make the skin more tanned and exotic.

4. Lengkuas Island

The day is too noon at Tanjung Kelayang Beach. The ship on the dock has also departed to Lengkuas Island. That day, I lost the momentum of visiting the famous island with his.

Sesal comes. Once in Jakarta, it is buried to see the beautiful white sandy beach. The contrast with the sea water is bluish green and green coconut trees. Also, I will be able to photograph the large rocks of the beach in Bangka Belitung. The shadows were gone because I arrived too noon.

If you want to travel to Lengkuas Island, you should spend a full day. Diva Traveler is advised to have arrived at Tanjung Kelayang Beach to prepare for a boat that will take tourists to Lengkuas Island and back in the afternoon.

The lines of nature are beautiful in all of Belitung's marine tourism destinations that I visited. It was hard to leave the entire beauty to return to the capital city. The shaded, had to reface with pollution, congestion, and the noise of the horn in a traffic jam. However, life should continue to run. Holidays are just a bit of a life trip that can be repeated again if you want. So, I decided to return to Belitung someday.


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