ANDREA Hirata. His name was the launching of Laskar Pelangi in 2005. It was his first novel, but immediately made people fall in heart until it became a best seller. Its sales, reaching more than 500 thousand copies.
Laskar Pelangi was also lifted to the big screen at 2008. I was one of the readers and spectators of Laskar Pelangi. The Film was the one that inspired me for the trail of Laskar Pelangi.

Visiting replica of SD Muhammadiyah

The trail is done by visiting the replica of Muhammadiyah Elementary School. The original building itself was collapsed aged. This is where latitude and his friends went to the Film Laskar Pelangi. Its location, in Gantong, East Belitung. The school display is not much different from the big screen. Zinc-roofed and wood-walled.

When I visited there, the chairs in the school seemed still sturdy. Diva Traveler can take pictures in school building. From the city center of Tanjung Pandan, the replica SD Laskar Pelangi can be reached within two hours or more by motorbike or car.

The road to Gantong is seamless. Sometimes there is a fast-moving truck from the opposite direction. The road also went down. A road situation like this makes Diva Traveler should be vigilant and cautious, especially if driving alone.

Literary Lover Museum

After elementary school Muhammadiyah, the Museum Kata Andrea Hirata also became my tourist destination while on vacation in Belitung. Both are adjacent. The Museum is easy to find as it is in front of the main road of Gantong district. The building walls of the museum are unique because colorful.

The Kata Museum is recommended once to visit the literary Traveler. Andrea Hirata Indeed established the museum as a place to study literature for visitors. The pictures that are displayed on the wall tell a lot about the passage of literary work.

In the past, the museum’s main building was a labor-weighted home in colonial rule. When the novel Laskar Pelangi was elevated to the big screen, the building became one of the scenes in the film.

Filling the stomach in Atep noodles

After the breath of the Laskar Pelangi, the stomach feels keroncongan. Apparently quite a lot of energy is used during walking distance around school buildings and museums. I chose to fill my stomach with the typical culinary of Belitung, Mie Atep. Although Mie Atep is in Jakarta and Serpong, eat it in its original resto gives its own satisfaction. It is located on the side of Tanjung Pandan Street.

Mie Atep successfully made my tongue shake. The combination of sweet and savory flavors is really felt on the tongue. The price is also friendly in pockets. The four servings Atep noodles complete with warm oranges, not until spending a piece of red money with a nominal 100 thousand rupiah. They still wrap rice and side dishes in order not to starve at the hotel.

Well, that is the result of Laskar Pelangi tipas. I visited the tourist attractions in Belitung using a rental motorcycle from the hotel. Diva Traveler can do the same thing when you travel there. See you again next time, Diva Traveler!



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