East Nusa Tenggara is an archipelago area, This province holds so many exotic places that are worth visiting. Kelabba Maja is one of the natural tourist destinations that should be visited if Paradiva is in East Nusa Tenggara. Traveling lovers will definitely be attracted by the beauty of this hill. Unfortunately like most tourist attractions it is almost still hidden, Kelabba Maja is also difficult to access, so that its beauty is still well preserved.

This Kalabba Maja is said to be similar to the Zhangye Danxia Landform in China, because of the unique beauty of the Kalabba Maja hill. This hill in NTT is indeed worth juxtaposing with Danxia Landform in China. This is because the geological contours of Kelabba Maja are in the form of a large canyon separated by unique steep cliffs with rainbow hills that are presented.. It has tube-like cliffs with a special pattern like rocks that were swept with a giant brush with various color variants, namely white., chocolate, biru, and red.

Local people, especially the villagers of Gelanalalu consider this Kalabba Maja to be the land of the gods. They believe that the colorful hills are the abode of the god Maja. There is also a stone used as an altar of worship for the deity. Every year there is still a ritual of sacrificial slaughter in order to seek protection from Maja. So that, The attitude of one of the prohibitions is like littering and saying dirty words.

Located on Sabu Island, to be exact at Wadumaddi, Hawu Mehara, Sabu Raijua. For Paradivas who want to visit here, can be started from the port on Sabu Island. Paradivas can use a plane from El Tari Airport in Kupang. The airline that serves flights from Kupang to Sabu Island is Susi Air. After that, You can also use the sea route by taking a ferry from Bolok Kupang Pier. This trip takes approx 13 jam. Arriving at Sabu Island, the trip can be continued using two or four wheeled vehicles to go to Gelanalalu Village. The entrance fee to Kalabba Maja is still very affordable, only Rp 10.000 only.

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