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Along with the development of digital technology, There are many ways to earn income, especially in the midst of the current Covid-19 pandemic, including sharing experiences that turn out to be profitable.

Rizal Azhar, as the Director of Kemanayo stated that everyone may have had experience in making travel plans (travel itinerary), but didn't realize that the itinerary could be useful for other people and earn.

"Everyone must have a different traveling experience from one another". Through Kemanayo, now each of those experiences can be poured into a digital itinerary, where then the itinerary can be marketed to the public, and have the potential to earn,"said Rizal.

Travel contributors can earn commissions 50% from each of their sold itineraries

Kemanayo is the first travel itinerary marketplace in Indonesia that provides various itinerary options, with a complete travel guide, built-in digital map, as well as details of activities that can be done.

Uniquely, every itinerary in Kemanayo is the creation of a travel contributor, where each travel contributor creates an itinerary which can then be accessed and purchased by the public.

For the application of commissions on every itinerary that has been compiled and successfully sold, each travel contributor will get income with profit sharing up to 50% from each of their sold itineraries.

“The current pandemic period, people are required to be more creative and Kemanayo can be a solution for those who want to get additional income. In contrast to the marketplace in general, where there must be goods for sale, in Kemanayo, every idea and experience can be something that produces,"Added Rizal.

Take advantage of personal experiences regarding various activities and tourist destinations

To make an itinerary, travel contributors can take advantage of personal experience or knowledge about an interesting activity or tourist destination. It's easy too, where it is enough to register by logging into the Kemanayo application which can be downloaded via Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Then users can log in or create an account for those who are accessing Kemanayo for the first time. After that the user can enter the profile menu and select the menu Be a Contributor.

To start creating an itinerary, travel contributors just choose the Create New Trip Plan menu.

There are two ways that Travel Contributors can choose in designing the itinerary, The first is Create with Map where travel contributors can enter tourist attractions that have been registered on Google maps.

The second way, travel contributors can also design an itinerary with Create with Exploring, where travel contributors can enter untouched tourist attractions (hidden gems) and not found on Google Map.

Travel contributors can provide the location of tourist attractions and also determine the path that a traveler must pass to arrive at the destination.

Everyone can be a travel contributor

Kemanayo is open to anyone who wants to become a travel contributor. Starting from the tour guide, community, travel blogger, journalists to the wider community in general can make, sell and earn through Kemanayo.

other than that, business people and MSMEs can also take advantage of this opportunity to market their services and products to travelers through a series of itineraries that they create and market in Kemanayo.

Share the itinerary as much as possible

After making an itinerary, the step that must be taken is to make sure the itinerary is known to many people. Travel contributors can share their itinerary with friends, relatives, and family through various social media platforms.

Travel contributors can also make photos or video teasers to make the itinerary more interesting. Besides that, travel contributors can also have a travel blog or vlog to increase their marketing potential.

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