The island to the east of Java Island has been given the name Bali since 914 AD this is known and proven by the Blanjong Inscription written by Sri Kesari Warmadewa. The name of the island of Bali existed long before the name Indonesia appeared, The Dutch colonial government began to promote the island of Bali as a tourist destination in 1920 to 1930.

This area, known as the island of a thousand temples, has natural beauty and cultural diversity that make it a special attraction for tourists to visit. That's what causes foreign tourists to be willing to fly to the Island of the Gods, Bali to get natural charm that doesn't exist in their home country. Nah, below has several reasons, why Bali is a favorite tourist destination for tourists. Let's see!

The Island of the Gods Bali has become a favorite destination for tourists to visit because it has many extraordinary things such as the natural beauty of the beach, rice fields, mountains and lakes, which is the best tourist spot to always be in demand by tourists. Here are some beaches that offer beautiful views, namely Kuta beach, Sanur Beach, Jimbaran, Tanjung Benoa, Dreamland, Pandavas, Virgin, Tanah Lot and many others. For the terraced rice field tour, Bali has Tegalalang, the location is in the direction of Ubud and Kintamani, Jatiluwih tourist attraction is located in the same direction as Bedugul tourist attraction.

These unique traditions can survive to this day because they are related to rituals, traditional ceremonial activities in the local village which are also related to Hindu culture. Some of these unique cultures and traditions include:, Omed-omedan, Pandan War, Mekotek, cemetery in Trunyan, Melasti ceremony, bad luck, Nyepi and many others, which makes the island of Bali has a more special and unique attraction than other places.

Local residents around Bali are competing to create unique and contemporary tourist attractions. This makes it not surprising that Bali has become a favorite tourist destination. Apart from all the reasons above, It is also undeniable that Bali has a myriad of culinary tours that can enter the tongue of all tourists, both domestic and foreign.

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